Latvian Photography Yearbook from FK

Some days ago Latvian photography web magazine FK released a Yearbook that contains works from latest documentary photographers from Latvia.

FK magazine started as a hard-copy paper magazine Foto Kvartāls that specialised in art photography and documentary photography from Latvia and abroad. Foto Kvartāls provided essays and interviews with local and foreign artists and critics and also provided a space for critical discussion.

After financial difficulties Foto Kvartāls was closed down to be reopened as a web based platform FK for publications and open discussions. There You can find some of the things that are going on in the creative and critical side of Latvian contemporary documentary photography.

If You want to get a list of contemporary and more classical Latvian photographers, see portfolio list at FK.

Photography museum in Riga – Latvian Photography Museum, located on Mārstaļu Street 8, in the Riga Old Town area, has a permanent exhibition and regularly does special shows. For more contemporary events in Latvian photography we recommend following FK magazine.