Ryan air uses duct tape to fix plane

I am a regular flyer with the low cost airline Ryanair from London Stansted to Riga and when I read this I was not surprised! It seems, according to the UK Newspaper ‘The Sun’ that a window was fixed before a flight to Riga, using some form of duct tape!

Well you get what you pay for but I have to say the more I fly with Ryanair the more I appreciate their business model, despite the no frills, fly as much as you want, pollute as much as you can afford mentality, they do supply Europe with a transport network, that has never been seen before. Great for tourists and an essential, affordable way for international workers to commute vast distances to work.

I would be a little worried of any use of duct tape in any form of aviation, even paper airplanes! Safe flying guys!


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