Osis House Creative Space by National Opera Riga

I was wandering around Riga as usual and I kept walking past this funny house by the National Opera that I thought was some kind of Garden shed. Upon further inspection I discovered that this lovely garden shed was some kind of concept living space, complete with lots of creative, design and crafts from Latvia inside.

Now wanting to enter but feeling a little under dressed and uncertain that I would be wearing tight enough jeans or sporting the latest in 1 off print t-shirts, I none the less entered what was once a shed and yet now, to my suprise an art space! Warm welcome, nice smiles and they also appeared to be selling some tea and snacks!

They are having some events and such so check out OSIS on Facebook for more info. Nice happy, warm people that welcomed me into this house, so I feel its my duty to let you all know about it. I think if i am not mistaken that the houses are also for sale, Esclice houses. I believe they are a Latvian concept and you can read a little about those here.

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