What is it to be a Latvian Patriot?

A recent survey has questioned Latvian and Russian speakers in Latvia ‘What means for you to be a Latvian patriot?’

The results from this survey conducted by DNB Latvijas Barometers is rather interesting. It shows that for Latvians the most important patriotic act would be to not leave the country, in other words not move away for work or other reasons. This I have heard many times, those that stay are patriots, although from the other side many friends of mine, unable to establish themselves a life here have had to leave to survive.

Latvian Flag
What is really interesting is that Russian speakers said, paying taxes and working hard to develop the countries economy was the most important patriotic act! This I find very admirable and considering the state has difficulty collecting taxes from anybody these days, this survey shows they will have a better time this year! Or maybe not…

Both groups said that defending the state in case of attack was highly important. Very strange survey if you ask me, check out THIS LINK at the Baltic Times to see the graph.

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