18th November Free Public Transport in Riga

18.11.11 Latvia’s 93rd Independence day free public transport in Riga!

That’s right something for free! Riga will offer all public transport for free on the 18th November as it one of the most important events of the Latvian calendar. Take advantage of it! Jump on trams you have never used, get lost on random bus routes and enjoy the warmth and shelter as the weather slowly turns a little bit too ‘Baltic’.

Dont worry the trams are in better shape than this car

I am a geek and have always loved trams and buses, so for sure you will be able to see me on one of my favourite lines, probably Tram 11 up to Meža Parks or tram 7 on my way down Maskavas iela. If you fancy joining us on a ride around the city, drop us a line and  click on the link if you need more information on Riga public transport.

There will be many events on the 18th and we will soon release a list of whats on and when.