93rd Latvian Independence Day


18th November is The 93rd anniversary of The Declaration of Latvia’s Independence.

RigaJoin in the celebrations across Riga, many events will be held including the event STARO RIGA. Plus do not forget that PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN RIGA IS FREE for the 18th November! Below we have listed a series of events that will take place during this special day but please note some of the concerts require pre-booking so check them out before you show up.

  • 0900 – Dome Cathedral will hold a service.
  • 1100 – Military parade On 11th November Street.
  • 1100 – 1800 Porcelain museum holds painting workshop.
  • 1200 – Concert in Jana Baznica LISTEN HERE
  • 1400 – 1600 – Limited seats in The Art Nouveau Museum for a Kokle performance 67181465 call for a seat.
  • 1400 – There will be flower laying at the Freedom Monument.
  • 1500 – Concert at Culture center ‘Imants’.
  • 1600 – Concert at St Peters Church.
  • 1600 – Concert Riga’s History and Navigation museum.
  • 1600 – Concert at the Latvian Society.
  • 1700 – Concert at Culture center “Iļģuciems”.
  • 1700 – Concert at Congress Hall.
  • 1800 – Concert in the Small Guild.
  • 1900 – Concert at the Anglican Church.
  • 1900 – Begins events at the Freedom Monument.
  • 2000 – The President will make a speech at the Freedom Monument.
  • 2100 – Fireworks and music down by the river front.

Parties will be held in bars and clubs all across the city, the list is too long too post here, so just head to your favourite place and surely there will be an event! What ever you do, have fun, be happy and remember that if it were not for some determined folks in the early 1900’s, this state would not be here!


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