Live Riga – Succesful year so far.

Live Riga reaches 470,000 visitors from the start of 2011 until October.

The promotional website ‘Live Riga’ designed to sell Riga in a new and creative way is said according to the news portal to have reached 470,000 unique visitors this year up until October.

The ‘Live Riga’ website was created for visitors to easily find information about the city of Riga and has, despite much controversy, taken off quite well since its debut back in 2009. High visitors this year are a sign that the site is doing its job and it has been suggested that there will be much more information added to the site and a continuation of the sites development will take place.


If you have found our website in your searches about Riga, then you will have probably come across ‘Live Riga’ as well. I must say, we do like what Riga is trying to do to promote itself but there is still something missing. Lots of money has gone into financing this project and even after 2 years of operation the site is still hard to navigate. Lets hope they smooth it all out ready for the 2012 season!

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