Future of Latvia predicted by Historian

The future of Europe and of Latvia has been played out by a British Historian, Dominic Sandbrook, in a imaginary scenario that see’s the Euro zone collapse and Europe turn into a war zone.

Dominic Sandbrook lets his imagination run wild with the possible events of a future Europe and he has tied in many contemporary characters such as Sarkozy, Putin, Merkel and more. It is a bleak vision of how, a collapse of the Euro Zone and resentment for the Capitalist system in Europe will lead to conflict and potentially war.

The article published in the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ offers a surreal look into a future where, the EU and NATO have little control over the affairs of Europe. Most interesting for the prediction of the Baltic region, is the concept that if Latvia’s economic and ethnic tensions rise then Russia could see itself as a peace force to move into the region and restore order.

It suggests that, after economic difficulties around 2014, Latvia has 35% unemployment and rising ethnic tensions due to the dire economic situation. With other European peace keeping troops sent to places like Greece to restore order, Russia takes it upon itself to restore order in the East. With a number of years it says that Russia will have troops in Belarus, Estonia and Lithuania.

Many parts of the vision of the not so far future are already being played out, with riots in Greece and strains of the future of the Euro zone, these are it seems what the historian believes will be the catalyst for a collapse in the region.

So why make such a bleak prediction? Even if it is somewhat exaggerated, it does allow us to look into the issue that we are all facing in Europe and hopefully avert any conflicts that may arise from such.

Please, I urge you to read the original article HERE.

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