Cost of Beer in Riga

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What is the cost of beer in Riga? Well this is a question that we get asked a lot and so in this post we will aim to lead you through some tips on how to get the best quality for your money.

Prices of beer in bars at the time of this publication Autumn 2011, range from 1 Euro for the lowest, worst quality beers in bad atmospheres, up to 7 Euro in some of the more extravagant clubs.

On average, I would be paying about 2.10 Euro for a high quality 0,5 ltr glass in the Central District. In the Old City, I would also be paying the same price for a low – medium range quality beer. My beer of choice is Tērvetes and although I can find this in the Old Town, I may be paying a premium.

As a visitor, I would suggest that paying anything from 2 Euro until 3 euro is more than reasonable for decent beer. The supermarkets off lower cost beer but when drinking in a bar, remember you are paying also for the atmosphere. Beware places serving plastic glasses! This is simply a bad way to drink beer!

Beer in RigaIn summer months the beer terraces open in the Old City, offering a range of low – medium quality beers at varying prices. It is well worth, checking out the range of beers and pricing before sitting down. Service is notoriously bad on the terraces so it is usually quicker to order at the bar. Try to pay up front and keep a receipt to avoid long waits and complications.

  • Tip number 1. Avoid fancy looking bars and clubs, beer is always highly priced and generally low quality.
  • Tip number 2. Look for bars outside of Old Riga! Prices vary greatly and at present for quality, atmosphere and price the Central District offers the best options.
  • Prices in recent years have risen but so has the range of beers available in Riga. Brands to look out for, Valmeira Muiža, Brenguļu, Tērvetes and Užavas.

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your time in Riga!

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