Andrejsala Electrical Power Plant

Andrejsala Power Plant in Riga

The Old Electrical Power Plant of Riga is located in Andrejsala – just outside of the Riga Old Town, really not far from the Art Nouveau district.

Andrejsala Power Plant in RigaIt was discussed by the Council of Riga already in the 1890ies that there is a need for a electrical Power plant in Riga, but the decision making process was being hampered by the City Water and Gas Company whose income levels could be threatened by the new electricity power.

Still the demand for electricity was high, there were many small companies operating, providing electrical power around street blocks in the Old Town and in the Central District.

Finally it was decided in year 1901 that there should be a central electrical power station in Riga and works on the Power Plant in Andrejsala got started. The designer and general engineer was German inventor and constructor Oskar von Miller, whose name was alredy known across Europe.

We managed to sneak into one of the generator buildings and take some photos as there was  an ongoing acoustic artworks performance happening, produced by one of the students from Latvian Art Academy. Check out the photos in the gallery or read more about Andrejsala here:



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