Latvian Deer for Dinner

Latvian deer

Last night I was the lucky recipient of a large chunk of deer meat.

Well I thought, Christmas is coming soon, why not eat some Rudolph.

Latvian deerPreparing the meat in a lime, honey and mustard sauce I decided that this meal would not be complete without some potatoes and greens. Feeling the seasonal vibe creeping up on me I reached for my Brussel sprouts and begun.

Wild meats contain bits of shot and bone so you need to be careful that you get all the hard bits out. After all, Rudolph is not the tastiest after you break a tooth on part of his shattered carcass. So Potatoes set to boil, sprouts waiting until a few minutes before I butchered the meat, cutting into small servings, on a light heat in an oiled pan in they went. On went the mustard, lime to start with. The honey coming later so as not to caramelize to early and a dash of milk to help cream it all up.

You do not need to over cook deer meat but my friend I was with for dinner likes it well done so I went for a lower heat, longer cook with plenty of liquids around (hence the lime) to stop the meat drying out.

Potatoes boiled, mashed and creamed left on low heat, Brussels sprouts boil in 6 mins from frozen and about 10 mins on the grill for the meats. Last few minutes for the meat with honey. The result, a lovely meal, with potato puree, sprouts and lovely caramelized piece of deer. Yummy!

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