Riga Central Market on a Sunday

Visiting Riga’s Central Market (Central Tirgus) is a great way to experience local smells sights and sounds, especially on a Sunday!

Today, I went on one of my degustation trips through Riga Central Market and found, as usual some great products, all fresh and tasteful, making my weekend finish off with an explosion of flavours.

Starting with the meat pavilion I selected some nicely smoked pork, a lightly smoked joint I should say as I find the overwhelming dark smoked meats too much, unless I am eating smoked chicken.

I then passed on through to the milk pavilion, where I purchased some Hemp Butter (Kaņepju Sviests), some fresh Cheese with Cranberry berries and Smoked fresh Cheese from the lovely Milk Ladies with their local products.

Next stop, bread! I chose some really lovely carrot bread produced by Laču Maize (Bear Bread!) before visiting my favourite Gherkin Lady in the Vegetable pavilion. Stocked up with Gherkins, Dried Quince and Sea Buckthorn syrup, I was off for my final destination to fill my bag with a nice piece of smoked Butter Fish!

Now all my food buying was done and with a well needed nice new wooden cutting board as a bonus, myself and 3 others set off for our Sunday, December picnic. Not outside of course but in a nice warm little venue. The Riga Backpackers Pub. Here we began our indoor picnic, with much attention focused on the cheese and bread. The smoked meat was suprisingly welcomed and the gherkins always do the trick for me. Mixing the Sea Buckthorn syrup with gassy water makes for a nice soda and after fish, hemp butter on bread and all it was time for a light desert, the dried quince.

A perfect picnic, with great company on an otherwise grey and boring December Sunday in Riga’s Central Market.

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