The Soviet Story Documentary

The Soviet Story is a film produced in 2008 by the director Edvins Snore and has received both good and negative reviews, even being called propaganda.

So what is the hype behind this film? Well according to the website the film is described as, “a story of an Allied power, which helped the Nazis to fight Jews and which slaughtered its own people on an industrial scale. Assisted by the West, this power triumphed on May 9th, 1945. Its crimes were made taboo, and the complete story of Europe’s most murderous regime has never been told. Until now…”

Well, from a statement like this you can see why it may create interest, intrigue and contrevesy. Having seen the film myself, I can say in my opinion that it is a slanted in the direction of shaming the soviet past but after all that is its intention. It aims to illustrate similarities between the Nazi regime and Soviet regime. Nothing new is really shown, it is just the manner in which it is boldly shown.

What is rather interesting yet not suprising is the amount of negative reviews and claims of  a ‘propoganda’ film coming from Russia. It sets out to try and bring Europe into an age where war crimes on all sides will be punished. Many top officials, historians and the media from Russia have made public comments about the film. With some suprising statements. Some of which appear as if the commentators have not even seen the film.

I think for me, the most important thing to come out of this would be the highlighting of the British War Crimes act which gives all Soviet officers and personal amnesty for alleged crimes, as according to Britsish law, allied powers could not be prosectuted for war crimes. If any one was ever aske to stand  for trial, their best move would simply be to move to the UK!

Have a look out for this film. Keep an open mind and remember, it is the winners  of wars who write our history.

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