Live Music in Riga – Friday 16th Dec

It’s a great night for lovers of live music in Riga, so get out and support Latvian music and artists!

Winter in Riga might be dark and gloomy, with short days and long nights. But that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. Tonight, there is a veritable smorgasbord of live music on offer in a number of Riga bars and clubs. Many local Latvian bands and artists will perform throughout the city, offering a wide range of styles and haircuts.

Indie kids should get themselves to Depo club (9pm, 2Ls / 1 Ls with flyer), where four new Latvian acts; Sus Dungo, Momend, Elizabete Balčus and Pyro Trees, will take to the stage. If you enjoy that, you could also stop by I Love You bar for a quick dance to some indie disco spun by Kārlis Dagilis.

Latvian indie rock is on offer at Naba club (9pm, 2 Ls), where local favourites ‘Baložu Pilni Pagalmi‘, or ‘full yards of pigeons’, will launch their new album.

If indie music is not your thing, then you can try Space Dog (no info), where balkan ska band Kuchenbeat will definately get you jumping, or Bubamara (10pm) to hear the Crystral Sound System girls spin some dubstep/dancehall/reggae infused electro.

Off the beaten track, and off the sound map is Taka cafe (8pm, free),where there will be a night of experimental music headlined by Estonian born Australian Leitmotiv Limbo and including a couple of local noise makers. Then head to the Dirty Deal Cafe (10pm, 1Ls for a long night of dancing to Komputer Funk.

If You feel a bit nihilistic and hate the mainstream hipster bourgeois crap then head to Andrejsala @ STRAUME – a special OLDSKOOL/DETROIT/BASS/WTF night called Mozilla with MC Cat Food and RIGAS NEONS – start at 24:00.

This is just a small selection of what’s happening in Riga tonight. A great selection of live music, but there’s sure to be more going on. Whatever your taste, however you dress or cut your hair, you’ll find something you like. So brave the cold and go support local artists and Latvian music!