Will Jay-Z Be A Dartz Prombron Armoured Car Owner?

The famous Rapper Jay-Z is reportedly looking to purchase an armored vehicle and it is suggested that he may be looking at the Dartz Prombron, a specialised Latvian made vehicle.

Husband to Beyonce who is currently pregnant with their first child, Jay-Z is most likely looking to purchase a vehicle to protect his family. So who are Dartz Armoured Cars?

Check out the Video to get an idea about these beasts!

Dartz Armoured Cars date back as a company has routes in Riga dating back to 1908 , then known as Russo Baltique. After the First World War and Russian Revolution, the company changes its name to Prombron in 1922. In 1998 the Kombat T-98 car goes into production in St Petersburg. 2008 Production begins in Estonia and by 2010, Dartz has produced the most expensive SUV in the world. The ‘Red Diamond Edition’.

Now These cars are not really our cup of tea here at E.a.t. Riga but it was interesting to see that their contact address is not far away from our own, so it just goes to show you how small the world is! I know of some history of armoured vehicles and tanks being produced in Riga but this just puts things into a whole new perspective.

Whether we like the style of the cars, what is great to see is that their is still some automotive activity in Riga. Historically, Riga has been a center in Europe for all kinds of innovations and technical advances. You can just look at the company VEF for some idea of what the city could produce.

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