Security charge at Riga Airport for Ryanair flights

Airport Riga

A security charge will now be asked at Riga airport for all Ryanair customers who buy their tickets from the 1st January 2012. This comes after Ryanair refused to pass on the fee to their customers.

Airport Riga

With prices rising all the time it is no wonder that people are a little bit angry at Riga Airports decision to add a security fee to all passengers leaving Riga airport. As I believe all airlines who fly from Riga have agreed to include the cost into their ticket prices, all except Ryanair.

From now on it seems Ryanair’s reluctance to add the fare into their price will result in extra hassle for their customers and means longer time is needed at the airport to complete the payment of the security fee.

The security fee will cost 7 euros and the payment can be made:

  • While checking in for a flight at Riga Airport (by bank card)
  • At RYANAIR ticket office of Riga Airport (by cash or bank card)
  • At the airport services office „Welcome to Riga!” (Arrivals Sector E – by cash or bank card).

Payments will be accepted in local currency only!

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