Rammstein Concert in Riga 7th February 2012

Rammstein play in Riga

Once again Rammstein return to Riga for another concert. This time it is their ‘Made In Germany 1995 – 2011 Greatest Hits Tour’. If German rock is your thing, head up to Riga to join in the festivities.

Tickets cost from 25 Lvl and the concert will take place at Arena Riga. One of the top venues for large scale concerts. 16 years of the bands history will be put together to make a spectacular show that is set to take Riga fans by storm. If you can not get a ticket for the Riga Rammstein concert why not try to get down to Kaunas for the event on the 6th Febuary.


Rammstein play in Riga
Drink a beer and enjoy Rammstein!

If you need a place to stay after the concert check out Riga Old Town Hostel – Their downstairs pub will be hosting one of the Rammstein concert after parties and is a great place to crash for those looking for a more alternative stay. Make sure to book in advance via email as this concert will attract visitors from all over Europe and many hostels are already packing out.

Tickets for the concert can be bought here.

Enjoy folks!

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