Snow and Bicycles in Riga!

bike path riga

Last night it snowed a little bit and for some strange reason I decided It would be a great idea to head outside and slide around on my road tyres.

bike path riga
Riga Bike Path

Well, actually the snow was not so much snow but more like the slush puppy kind of snow that has a muddy brown flavour, rather than the blueberry one I remember as a child.

It was on this night ride that I truly appreciated the cities efforts to accommodate me as a cyclist. One of the few cycle paths we do have became my best friend. As my wheels glided through the muddy slush and snow melted in my mouth, I felt safe and thankful for the invention of the bike lane.

Gone are the days of being totally freaked out by large 4x4s splashing you with the dreaded slushy snow, now I have my own space I thought! If only this luxury were to spread across the city and global warming would keep our winters shorter, I could, on this cold night, envisage a Riga as a totally bike safe city.

If Riga city wishes to improve the lives of its citizens, make more bike lanes, give us more space and your roads will slowly be freed up from traffic jams and public transport will carry less of a burden. It is only a matter of time, I was after all, not the only cyclist out on that cold, slushy snow filled night.


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