Abandoned Children’s Railway in Riga

Children’s Railways were a phenomena that was widely popular in Soviet Union – short railway lines were operated by teenagers, under the guidance of adult engineers, who were interested in railways or wanted to become railway engineers themselves

Many children raiway laines were opened around Soviet Union, as well as in Latvia – one line in Riga and one in Ventspils.

Railway line in Riga was opened in Me┼żaparks – a forest park area in the city outskirts. The track length was 2.1km and width was 750mm. It is was operating two diesel locomotives TU-2.

The line in Riga was operating up to year 1997, after that it was unfortunately decided that the line has to be shut down, the tracks were taken away, engines and wagons put to museum and station buildings were abandoned.

Shortly after vandals moved in and the station buildings were burned down and all that was got lost – nowadays the track path is used by runners and cyclists.

You can check some more info about here and here – also this page has a picture of the children’s railway still in operation and a nice collection of existing and long gone railway lines in Latvia.



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