Wizz Air – Cheap Flights Riga – Eindhoven.

Airport Riga

Want to visit Riga from The Netherlands? Or maybe you wish to escape Riga to The Netherlands, well I have to say, Wizz air have come up with some offers many could not refuse.

Airport Riga
Escape Grey Riga!

We were looking around to make some team building trip for ourselves here at Eat Riga to investigate other tourism companies, bike rental and creative ideas across Europe and we came across some very low rates to fly from Riga to Eindhoven. In fact we paid a bit over 80 LVL / 115 Euro for 3 return tickets!

Now, with air travel that cheap a small company like ourselves can afford to pop over to our dutch neighbours and see how they do things! It has also opened our eyes up a little after all of this talk about Ryanair reducing its flights to and from Riga, because simply put, other airlines will fill the slots, with new destinations.

So do we expect an increase in Dutch visitors to Riga? Well, yes I think we will, along with, Belgian and German travelers living close to Eindhoven, I think this route could become quite popular indeed.

Now for Latvian, Eindhoven offers many options as a transfer airport, with flights from Ryanair connecting to the Canary islands and Morocco.

Wizz Air also offer a loyalty card, which will give you instant discounts on your flights of up to 10 Euro. Looking back, I should have taken up this offer as I believe the total price of our ticket would gave been reduced, even if the card its self costs around 21 LVL!

Well worth checking out folks!

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