Where to drink in Riga? Why not try Bufete Gauja bar and cafe.

Gauja Bar is one of the best bars in Riga, a cosy little place where locals meet to drink, talk and play chess.

Gauja cafe’s iconic chairs

For those wanting to escape the tourist traps in the Riga Old Town, they can do no better then take a stroll up Terbatas street, and pop into Gauja Bar. Stepping inside, it will feel as if you have stepped into someone’s living room, 40 years ago. The space is fitted with retro furniture, old radio, books, paintings of Latvian poets and, of course, a bar at one end.

Gauja is the type of place where you can go knowing no one, and leave with a dozen new friends. Where the person you are sharing a beer with might be a famous Latvian musician or artist. And speaking of beer, did I mention that Gauja serves two of the best beers in Latvia, at very friendly prices.

So if you are wondering where to drink in Riga, then come join us for a beer or balsam in Gauja, play some chess, meet some locals and relax in a friendly, chilled out bar.

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