What is the population of Latvia?

How many people live in Latvia? Thanks to last year’s census we now know that the population of Latvia is 2,067,887, down 13% from the last census.

Does Latvia need more babies?

According to the results of the recent census, Latvia’s population has decreased by 309 thousand people in the last 10 years, almost two thirds of whom have left for greener pastures and now live abroad. The birthrate also dropped substantially, leaving Latvia with a rapidly declining population.

The data also reveals that 54.2% of the population are females and 45.8% male, meaning the there are 174 thousand more women than men in the country. Single men should head to Cesis where the ratio is the biggest, where as a single woman has only two choices, Burtnieki and Akniste districts, when the male/female ration is in their favour.

One interesting fact I took from this information is that the percentage of ethnic Latvians and Latvian citizens increased. Ethnic Latvians now make up 62 % of the total, whilst all other major nationalities; Russian, Belarussian, Ukrainians, Lithuanians and Poles, have all decreased.

So many Latvian citizens are leaving, many more are now entering retirement age and no one is having children anymore, at least not at a fast enough rate. Is this a problem? And if so, what can the Latvian government do about it? Promote procreation? Try to lure those Latvians who live abroad back to Riga? Increase migration? Any suggestions?

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