Riga Water Supply Museum

Riga Water Supply Museum

A Central water supply system in Riga was first tried to be introduced in 17th century – powered by horses and used a network of wooden pipes.

Riga Water Supply Museum

As the city grew through the centuries the demand for more accessible drinking water increased

Riga Water Supply MuseumRiga Water Supply Museum shows maps, engineering plans, and drawings from previous centuries related to the water supply of the city, as well as selection of tools and equipment used by city engineers who were overseeing the water supply network.

Wooden and lead pipes from the old water supply networks of Riga

The museum itself is located in an old water pumping station, built in 1903, during the period when George Armistead was a mayor of Riga.

You can still see the old steam powered water pumping machinery dating from early 20th century there.

For all you steampunks out there – the museum is located not far from Brīvdabas Muzejs(Open Air Museum) if you are travelling by car or by bike:

Address: Sūkņu stacija ‘’Baltezers” Ādažu novads, LV 2164, Rīgas raj.
Contacts: (+371) 67990127(guided tours should be arranged before arrival)
Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10AM to 2PM.


Check out more pictures here:

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