Miera Street Republic

Riga's main hipster hotspot

Get a taste of alternative culture in Riga on Miera street.

I found this nice little video the other day, highlighting some of the great places that have sprung up along Miera iela (or Peace street) in the last couple of years. These new shops and cafes have banded together to form a organisation known as the Miera Street Republic, or Miera ielas Republika in Latvian.

Since I’ve been in Latvia, I’ve always lived on Miera iela, but until 2 years ago nothing was happening, it was a peaceful street. The most exciting thing was the fragrant smell of chocolate coming from the Laima factory. Now it seems there is no end of creative places to shop, eat, drink and hang out. Check out the video to see what’s on offer. My favourites are; Taka for its great, cheap vegetarian food, Majas Svetiba as it is the only cafe / plant exchange / plant babysitting place I know of in the world and the home-brew shop just down from Dad Cafe.

Miera street is also part of our daily bike tours route. Join us on a tour adn, on the way to the Great Cemetery, we’ll point out some of the great places to head to get a dose of alternative Riga.

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