Geocaching in Riga

For many years already the World is familiar with the term Geocaching – hiding and seeking stuff all over the world. You look for coordinates with the help of your GPS tracking device – a lot of these are already built into modern smart-phones, tablet computers and even photo cameras. These so called caches are hidden all around Riga and Latvia too.

R2D2 shaped waste bin Tukums
R2D2 shaped waste bin in Tukums

Geocaching activities can take you to a places that you may not be able to discover just like that – reveal interesting sights of nature and architecture. But also – if you are not careful – it can lead you to certain troubles and even injuries.


Riga from rooftop - looking at Central Market
Riga from rooftop - looking at Central Market

Before you go out geocaching in Riga and Latvia, we have some words of advice for you!

  • Private property – people in Latvia can be sometimes really sensitive about it, and its understandable. Please – if in doubt – ask the property owners permission, in the worst case you may get guard dogs released towards you or there may be a sawed-off shotgun involved.
  • Nature – please take care not to litter and damage nature sights. Don’t take your 4×4 SUV in the forest just to get stuck in the mud – its better just to walk.
  • Abandoned buildings can be dangerous not just for the collapsing structures and pieces of bricks falling down, but they can be inhabited by people who may be engaged in activities they do not want to be disturbed from.
  • When meeting suspicious people – just keep smiling and go away immediately.
  • Remember to have Fun and Enjoy the process and stay Safe!


Somewhere in Great Cemetery of Riga
Somewhere in Great Cemetery of Riga




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