Bike Paths in Riga

A map of Bike Paths in Riga

Current and planned. See what’s in store for Riga’s bike riders.

Bicycle Routes in Riga

I came across this map recently which shows the current bike paths in Riga (red lines), the planned cycle paths (dark green dotted lines), and roads with potential for becoming bike paths (light green). It’s an ambitious plan, given that the city has been averaging one new bike path every 10 years, however cycling in Riga is changing. It’s no longer just for students and guys in lycra, cycling in Riga is now for everyone and this may well cause the city council to speed up the construction of these potential bike paths.

Just last year the Riga-Bergi bike path was completed, linking the Old Town and the most populated suburb of Riga, Jugla. It’s been a great success, on riding the bike path in summer I was amazed at the number of cyclists we passed, of all ages, abilities and fashion styles. Even recently, when riding through the snow in minus temperatures, there were a number of other cyclists also braving the cold.

Cycling is becoming a popular and common mode of transport, it’s cheap, healthy and good for the environment, but we need more bicycle paths in Riga. As good as they are, they are only useful if you want to go somewhere on the cycle route. Otherwise you’re on the road with the buses and taxis, or on the footpath with the drunks and old ladies with trolleys.

One of the main issues with the current bike network is clear from this map. All three bike paths in Riga start close to each other, but for some reason they aren’t connected. Last year, a group of guerrilla cyclists made there own bike paths around the city, joining the Mezaparks and Jurmala bike paths in one night. Meanwhile, the city council has had this plan for 6 years, they’ll need to move a bit faster if they are going to complete all those bike routes by 2018.Find out more about Riga’s bike paths, or if you want to get the most out of your time in Riga, join one of our Riga Bike Tours. Also for our Bike Rental customers we have created sets of printed-out bicycle route self guided maps if you want to explore Riga on your own.