Latvia – Now on Facebook!

It’s official, Latvia is now on the world’s most popular social networking site, Facebook. And we think Estonians are slow?

One of the advertisements for Latvia's new Facebook page.

Ok, seriously, we were there before. Lativa’s online presence was maintained by the Latvian Institute whose page, whilst informative, was nothing more than the standard facebook wall.

But now there is If You Like Latvia, Latvia Likes You! Designed by Leo Burnett Riga Advertising Agency, it was the winning entry of a competition aimed at spicing up the country’s online presence. Visit the page and see for yourself. If you ‘like’ Latvia, the ‘Latvian baker’ will throw a log in the fire for you. Fill in the questionnaire and you could win 300 loaves of dark rye bread, a traditional Latvian food baked in the aforementioned fire.

The only other page up at the moment is the interesting Latvian Anatomy, which shows how Latvia’s neighbours have influenced the culture of this small country. Apparently Russia is our hair, Sweden our stomach and our legs are English and Dutch. But there are more planned pages and promotions to come.

It seems to be an interestingly different way to present the country, maybe it will make more people visit the country, maybe not. Riga is now filled with posters advertising the site so maybe they are trying to promote Latvia to Latvians. At least ‘if you like Latvia, Latvia likes you’ sounds better than Live (or is that live) Riga. Of course, you’ll learn more on an Eat Riga walking tour.

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