Hipsters in Riga

Riga hipster cafe MIIT

We get asked for hipster places in Riga, or where do hipsters of Riga go out and what does it take to be a hipster in Riga.

Riga hipster cafe MIIT
Party at MIIT_TIIM

As everywhere and always is is the case that any self respecting hipster will not admit if he is a hipster or not, so it takes a bit of creative observation to spot a hipster place – as it is a bit more than just neon trainers, Raybans and cheesy post-neo-pseido90ies-electro-pop(that could be Moscow district or your mom too)  – or maybe not.

The sudden winter has forced hipsters to leave their fixie bikes at home and go around on foot. We have here a list of some places that we or our friends like to call hipster hip:

  • For fashion and retro vintage minded hipsters we have PĒRLE – vintage stuff, clothes in daytime and parties and music in the evening.
  • For day to day meetings and evening drinks we go to MIIT_TIIM – witch is also a bicycle workshop and cafe – you can also get a custom made or restored(hipstored as we say) single-speed or fixie bike there for a hip price.
  • Business minded hipsters or those who want to be seen in public with their new macbook would go to Satori Birojnīca in Berga Bazārs – Central District of Riga. Satori it is a book shop, a social meeting space, a cafe and an Wi-Fi spot with shared printers, scanners and fax-machines, you can get access to news and government databases too.

This is just a short list of Riga for a hipster travellers – don’t get stuck in the old town – walk around the Central District and discover other places too, or join our Retro and Vintage Tour or Bike Tours or request a special Riga Hipster Tour.

Riga hipster vintage market
Vintage/Retro market at MIIT cafe

The girl in the middle runs a hip fashion blog – check it out for other Riga related hipster stuff and her hipster friends.

Some ask if we at E.A.T. Riga are hipsters too. The answer is NO! We were hipsters before it got mainstream! Our bikes have brakes and some of them have more than one gear too ;). Hipsters were in Latvia already in 1969 – check this video on Youtube!


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