Riga Night Market and its future

A favourite shopping place for many people of Riga, the Night Market(Nakts Tirgus) will be relocated to another location as the existing area will be redesigned during the Renovation Project sponsored partly by EU.

Renovation Project
Renovation Project - click image for more info...

Riga Night Market situated next to Riga Central Market, is known for its wast selection of fruits and vegetables and very agreeable prices on products, also for its odd working times – from late evenings to early mornings. This gives an opportunity for smaller farming businesses to sell the products during night-time and get back to work next morning.

The area is part of the UNESCO world culture heritage list and it was decided to give the place a new cultural facelift. The Night Market is still located at the Spīķeri Warehouse district – an old harbour and trade area of Riga – used up to early parts of 20th century.

Nowadays it is planned that the area will become the new “cultural center” of Riga – already we have KIM? exhibition hall there, a fancy restaurant and some other creative and interesting shops. Unfortunately the “Dirty Deal” nightclub, that we loved so much for its wild parties in Summer is closed and now we have rock club “Ziggy” in its place. Also Riga Gheto and Holocaust museum is in the same area.

You can check one of the Project Proposals here – designed by ARPLAN SIA. I seem to be critical of these things sometimes – they all look good on AutoCAD renderings but in real life its just boring concrete blocks and some glass.

The good stuff I think is that this project is giving better access to the river side and also easier and safer way to cross the highway that unfortunately separates most part of Riga from easy access to the Daugava river. Bike paths also seem to be integrated in this project.

I consider it would be perfectly OK and “cultural” to leave the market where it is as that would be more historically related and would give much wider insight of the actual life in Riga. In one place you could have your Party, your Culture and your Potatoes.

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