Muffins and More Gertrudes iela 9


Do you like Muffins? If you do, then get yourselves down to Gertrudes iela 9 and fill your tummies with some awesome muffins at Muffins & More, another great cafe in Riga.


I bumped into this cafe last year and should have mentioned it earlier to you all. However I really wanted to keep all of those yummy muffins to myself and so I kept my mouth shut! To put it simply, this place is a high quality, fair priced, innovative and fun cafe in Riga. Let me tell you that in Riga such a space is not easily found and so we want to share it with you all!

Not all of the muffins are as sweet as you would think, I have tried a Mozzarella muffin, a Chicken Curry muffin as well as some of the more classical variations such as my number one – The Almighty Caramel Muffin! You can also find a frequently changing selection of baguettes, cakes, cookies and drinks. Most of all in my favourite muffin mole hill is the service with a smile as seen in the photo below!

Muffins Riga
The Happy Muffin Man

If you are walking around Riga with a sweet tooth and a few Lats in your pockets, then run down to Gertrudes iela 9. It is small and cozy but I hear that they will have a new store opening soon, so check out for more info. Happy eating!

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