Coffee Inn Riga – Nice little coffee shop

Coffee Inn

Coffee Inn has popped up in a number of locations around Riga and my favourite is the sparingly decorated coffee shop on the corner of Terbatas iela and Dzinarvu iela. I will explain why!

Coffee Inn
Coffee Inn Riga

A coffee shop is a coffee shop, is it not? Well until recently in Riga, you had the choice of the Double coffee chain or a mixture of fancy to down right grotty cafes to take a coffee break in. Since last year, Coffee Inn, a Lithuanian coffee chain appeared on Riga’s streets and has established a few of its cafes in the old city.

Personally I do not like coffee houses but this little space situated on my favourite street, Terbatas iela 7, has something different about it. Well in fact, it is different because I like the way it appears to have been simply thrown together.It seems a few of the younger fashionista’s and bohemian types also like it, as every time I enter the place I feel like I just returned to my Art School canteen.

Old furniture, some home made lampshades, a lick of paint and there you have it, a brand new cafe! Well, it gives hope to those young entrepreneurs who wish to develop a space in Riga, you no longer need mirrors and a fancy interior designer, who has half their hair shaved off and a tattoo of Felix the cat on their leg! You can do it yourselves with some old armchairs and plastic cups!

They have some interesting books on a few shelves, including one copy of ‘Cycling Europe’ which I looked like it was published in the 80s.

All round good coffee, fair prices, interesting excuse for quiche and a selection of cookies, cakes and other typical coffee chain delights. The only difference with this space is that it somehow feels very comfortable and relaxing.

I was a bit disappointed when I asked for a coffee in a mug and they informed me that they just use cardboard cups. That kind of blew my day. What a shame, it was all going so well. Lesson learned so next time I shall bring my own mug.

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