Yo Yo Frozen Yoghurt Riga

Yo Yo Yoghurt in Riga

Yo Yo Yo! Frozen Yogurt is here in Riga! What is frozen yogurt anyway? Fancy ice cream? I’m not sure but I like the self service store on Kr. Barona iela 10 for its uber modern interior and cool trash bins!

Yo Yo Yoghurt in Riga
Cool Pink headed bin guy

Basically this space offers you the chance to fill up a container with frozen yoghurts, Add the toppings you want and then pay for it all by weight. Sounds cool! I didn’t try as it is was – 20 when i visited but i took some photos and will make a taste update to you all one day.

I like the idea though, reminds me of a sweet version of Pelmeni XXL, the over rated self service dumpling service in Riga. The only difference being is that the staff at Yo Yo, seem to smile a bit more!


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