Like a local Map in Riga

Like a local guide Riga

Our Estonian neighbours have been hard at work creating a free city map for Riga in 2012. Like A Local maps are available from many spots across the city.

Unlike other city maps, who simply show you where things are, this handy free guide offers you the chance to read a little about each place on the map. It is clear and well illustrated and written by a local from Riga.

Like a local guide Riga
Like a local guide Riga

If you happen to be visiting Riga you will be glad to know that there is a map of the city that you can actually read! It is a free map offered by a group of Estonians, who are moving into mapping the world. Although you will now be thinking “Why is an Estonian making Latvian maps”? and the answer is that they are simply better at map making! They did however, employe the assistance of a Latvian local to fill in the information.

Very kindly, they have featured us in their nice clean website and you can find the link HERE

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