Wow Air to fly from Reykjavik and Kaunas

Lithuania to Iceland Flights could be starting this June operated by WOW air, a newly created Icelandic airline. The route will run between Reykjavik and Kaunas.

So does this mean that we will see many more Icelandic folk coming to the Baltic’s this summer or will it be another escape route for the Baltic people in search of brighter horizons. Not so sure that Iceland will be able to provide them with new pastures but for sure the Baltic’s could benefit from a few Icelandic visitors from time to time.

If you are not familiar with anything from Iceland check out my friends great band STEREO HYPNOSIS who have played many times in Riga before – always welcome back here guys!

I for sure will be looking at escaping to Iceland with this route! See you soon Reykjavik!

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