Latvian Beer

Latvian beer

Probably the Best Beer in the Baltic’s! Latvian Beer is unique and surprising. Often sweet, sometimes bitter, it is not for the faint hearted!

Latvian beer
Latvian beer

So, you are coming to Riga for the weekend and you want to try some of the best Latvian beers. You can find bars and stores selling a wide range of locally produced beers, at affordable prices in and across the capital city. If you are a beer lover then you have a wide range of options in Riga. A good example are the ‘Beer Stores’ that sell a range of beers on tap. You can simply bring your bottle and fill it up from good, high quality beer at high street prices.

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in Latvia and you will see on weekends, bars full with locals enjoying 0.5 Lt jugs of good local beer. The culture of socialising with a beer is a common act and a great way to mix with residents of Riga. Within the old city you may find establishments too touristic but if you venture around the city center you are sure to find some hidden gems, nice local bars with a sense of character. Certain bars, in certain districts may seem a little time warped and

Further afield from Riga into the depths of Latvia’s wild and still mostly unexplored interior are plenty of small micro breweries and curious home made concoctions to test. A trip out to the countryside is rarely without an alcoholic encounter.

Top 5 Latvian Beers in our opinion:

  • Tērvetes
  • Bauskas
  • Užavas
  • Brenguļu
  • Valmiermuiža

Do not expect to come to the Baltic Region and find the usual generic beers on tap. You will see the range and diversity of local beers differs from region to region and the best beers are usually found in the less attractive of establishments! If you are on the hunt for good Latvian beers just look around, ask locals and try to avoid the larger local brands who are often owned by bigger international drinks producers.

Have fun and remember that alcohol is bad for you!

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