Riga Chocolate

Latvian Chocolate

I like chocolate! And in Riga there is no shortage of the stuff. Latvian chocolate is some of the worlds finest!

Latvian Chocolate
Latvian Chocolate

I still remember the first time when, walking through the Miera Street District, I caught a whiff of the smell emanating from the chocolate factory in Riga. It is something that has stuck in my memory, and is probably the best marketing idea in the world. If you make a city smell like chocolate, you will have people craving for a bite of something sweet. It worked on me, I’m hooked on Latvian chocolate. Here is a list of some of our chocolate hot spots in Riga.

Laima – A long running Latvian chocolate producer that is one of the most well known brands in the country. You can see it advertised everywhere around Riga, from the chocolate and sweets in the shops and supermarkets to the prestigious clock placed close to the Freedom Monument, a popular meeting place for locals. Laima is a household name, and if you believe Latvians, the producer of the best chocolate in the world.

Emils Gustavs – If you’re serious about your chocolate, then head to an Emils Gustavs cafe. There are a number throughout Riga that specialise in make high quality chocolate products perfect to be  given as gifts, or just to treat yourself. In store you can enjoy a coffee sample the delicious sweets on offer and watch the chocolates being made.

V. Ķuze – One of Riga’s more famous chocolate producers before WWII, Vilhelms Ķuze’s company was nationalised when the Soviets occupied Riga and he was deported to Siberia where he died. More than 50 years later, his legacy has been revived and once again fine chocolate is being made in the traditional and natural way. V. Ķuze chocolate products are only sold in their cafe’s in Riga and Liepaja.

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