Imanta Railway station to be demolished

Imanta Railway stationAccording to news portal, Imanta Railway Station (Imantas Stacija), which is a more than hundred years old historical building building will be demolished.

Imanta Railway stationImanta Station is located at the Riga-Tukums railway line, which was opened still back in the Russian Empire times in 1877. The station building itself comes from 1894 and with only minor additions has preserved its unique historical look.

Imanta Railway stationTechnical surveyors have come to conclusion that the building is no more being safe to use and that it is too close to the railway lines. Strange, through out the years the buildings location caused no problems and just a year ago there were some art projects exhibited. Also Valsts kultūras pieminekļu aizsardzības inspekcija (The State Inspection for Heritage Protection) has no objections against the demolition.

Imanta Railway stationI think the building should be relocated to the Brīvadabas Muzejs (Open air Museum) which has buildings and houses from 18th and 19th centuries or to the Railway Museum as an example of the Russian Empire period rural railway station architecture.

Imanta Railway stationWhile the new station is being build, there is a temporary structure for ticket offices and a shelter from rain.

Imanta Railway stationThere we have some pictures of the old station which we made just as we got the news about demolition.

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