Kafka Cafe Riga

Kafka cafe Riga

This lovely cafe in Riga ‘Kafka’ is an oasis of books and caffeine based products, cakes, biscuits and good vibes.

Kafka cafe Riga

You are visiting Riga – you are looking for a great coffee, well, Kafka cafe is probably where you should be heading! It can be found at Vaļņu 26, Old Town (2nd floor in a book-shop Globuss).

The first thing I remember about this place was the smell. This was a real cafe I thought to myself and sure enough when I actually tasted a cup of their fine black caffeine soup I knew that I could easily recommend it to others. I was also struck by the design inside their space. Wood covers everything and it is clearly a place to sit back relax, pick up a book and forget all of the troubles that Old Riga tends to throw at us.

Good for the general public, the staff here are extremely welcoming, coffee lovers and very warm. Now that is a rariety for Old Riga Cafes! Make sure to ask about the Travel Nights on Tuesdays that they are running.

Have fun! Take a coffee, flick through your Hemingway and chew on a cookie!

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