Riga 2012 Summer Season

The Summer in Riga is here, the groups are coming, cruise ships line up in Riga’s docks and the tourist season begins.

Well we have been away from our computers for some time, with little more than enough time to deal with your emails. This time of year sees ourselves preparing our bicycles, gaining new partners and developing ourselves ready for the long push until autumn. The truth is, we love it and Riga is by far one of those cities that makes our jobs so great. Remember if you are visiting Riga this summer, take advantage of a Riga Bicycle Tour with us! It is by far the best way to see Riga! Look out for our up and coming evening bicycle rides to cool down by one of the cities lakes.

This year it seems that Riga is somewhat stable, a few new bars and cafes have opened but a lot less seemed to have closed as was the common trend in previous years! The terraces are out, beer gardens are filling up and the weather despite a few rainy days has been awesome. The canal boats seem to add a sense of tranquility to the city as they silently pass down the canals.

Although the streets of Old Town do not appear to be as packed as years before during May, I have to say that it is a happy amount of tourists who are here. Not too overcrowded, Riga can offer a lot more in the Old Town with more space to move, breath and enjoy. But oh yes, watch out for those Rickshaw drivers – This year there seem to be more than ever and they are racing around town like madmen!

I am still personally waiting to jump into a lake and take a swim but as you can read, I am stuck here on my computer today! Probably a bad idea. And so on that note, Im going to hop on my bicycle and take a tour around Riga on this fine sunny day!

Enjoy folks!