42nd Applied Folk Art Fair in the Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Visiting Riga this weekend? Not sure what to do in Riga? Are you interested in Traditional Folk Art and Crafts? Then you should definitely visit the Applied Folk Art Fair in the Open Air Museum.

This weekend at the Annual Craft Market, folk artisans and food producers from all over Latvia will be gathering in the Ethnographic Open Air Museum. It is a great opportunity to get familiar with Latvian traditions. The fair offers an outstanding range of Latvian traditional crafts like linen shirts, woollen mittens and clay goblets and wide choice of local food like smoked meat and fish, and hand made cheese. You can not only purchase Latvian goods, but also see and learn traditional dances and songs. Located in a nice forest area just next to a lake, the Applied Folk Art Fair could be your chance to see Riga from different point of view.

Find out and learn about craft making traditions in Latvia, eat some local dishes and spend a nice and creative day in the fresh air.