Club Essential in Riga closing!

Whats that? Club essential in Riga is closing down? Is it true? Well according to a number of reports and their own website it seems so!

So it seems the legendary club in Riga, sometimes referred to as the largest club in the Baltic’s appears to be shutting its doors on Saturday 16th June.

Well, for me as a resident of Riga who has never been to the club and most likely with its life expectancy drawing to an end, never will visit I can honestly say that I am concerned for all of the orange skinned, blondes who I would see wandering at 4am outside of the club.

If you are not familiar with these lovely creatures of the night here is a video link!

If you have room to accommodate these needy clubbers, please be so kind as to arrange another location for them to frequent on the weekends, as I for sure do not want to see them around my local pub! Most likely they would not want to be seen around my local anyway!

Spare a thought for all those who spend 2 hrs on their hair, wear amazingly high heels and paint themselves like Umpa lumpas. Our thoughts are with you.