Riga laundry services

Riga Laundry – Where to wash my clothes in Riga?

We occasionally are asked ‘where can I wash my clothes in Riga’? – Well there are quite a few places in Riga Central District to do your cleaning.

If you do not mind to walk a little then just leave the Old Town and head down the Tērbatas Iela – the laundry cleaning service Nivala is located on the Akas Iela – in front of a kindergarten, but the official address is Lāčplēša 21.

There is another cleaning service located on Strēlnieku Iela – in front of the Stocholm School of Economics in Riga – that is basically where the Alberta iela and some of the most spectacular Art Nouveau buildings of Riga are to be found.

Hopefully this will be of some help to you all! Keep yourself clean in Riga!