Wooden Houses in Jurmala

Jurmala, a beach town in Latvia has some great wooden houses to look at. Over this weekend on a short trip to the beach town of Melluzi in Jurmala, we took some nice pictures of some of these houses for you to look at.[slideshow post_id=”” auto=”undefined” thumbs=”undefined”]

The wooden architecture of Latvia is well known for its numerous and diverse styles. Many of which can be discovered in and around the Jurmala district. Make sure to take advantage of the great examples that are on offer on foot or by bicycle.

It is not just around Dzintari or Majori that these buildings can be found it is all along the coast line and inland so just head out to anywhere from Riga and you are sure to find some cool buildings! Enjoy.

Whatever you plan to do in Latvia, make sure that you can take one trip out of the capital Riga. This land has so much to offer and the beach towns are just one of the many places to take advantage of.