Exploring Riga in Autumn – A Tour of Jaunciems

Last weekend it was a perfect bright sunny autumn day in Riga so we decided to head to the edge of the city to have a quick look around a small district called Jaunciems. Situated on the other side of one of Riga’s lakes (Ķīšezers) this quiet little suburb seems like a world of its own.[slideshow post_id=”” auto=”undefined” thumbs=”undefined”]

Passing over the other side of Meža Parks around Ķīšezers, we reach the small district of Jaunciems, a sleepy little suburb with lines of various houses, wooden, brick, old and new. A short drive around the district to explore an otherwise unvisited side of Riga on any tour felt like passing into a completely different side of the country.

Small houses, dirt roads and plenty of dogs the area seemed stuck in a constant Sunday and would make a great place to retire in Riga. Below is a map of the area.

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Across the lake large amounts of industry can be seen, creating an almost apocalyptic effect on this particularity bright sunny, Sunday in Autumn. We passed along through Vecmilgravis before heading towards central Riga – Sunday requires a Sunday meal after all. Nice day, sun, new areas and dusty roads.

Try and explore to the edges of Riga. Buses lead you all over the city, just have a look on line at Riga Transport Map page of all stops.