Staro Riga 2012 – Riga shines, sparkles and glows!

With the end of daylight saving and the impending onset of winter, Riga’s nights are coming on earlier and darker every day. But help is at hand, Staro Riga, the annual city celebration of all things light and bright kicks off tomorrow, Thursday the 15th of November.

Rug up warm and take a thermos, or stop off for a hot Balsam, as there is plenty to see when the sun goes down… if it even bothers showing its face at all. Over 50 light installations by different companies and organisations will brighten the nightscape of the Old Town and Central Riga for 4 nights. This is one of the most popular events in Riga, you will think that the entire city has come to wind their way through the streets.

Some of the more interesting objects this year will be the projection of dancers upon the National Library, a new bridge across the City Canal and the chance to write a love letter on the Powder Tower. The Staro Riga website has maps and a full list of installations, and there will be volunteers and info centres on hand should you need them. We recommend heading out on Thursday or Mondays nights when the crowds will be thinner.

So if you are wondering what to do in Riga this weekend, and want to see more than the insides of Irish pubs, then get out into cold night, join this great Riga festival and watch Riga shine!