Latvian deer – Kuldiga

We came across some lovely Latvian Deer this week during our visit to Kuldiga whilst staying in a lovely Guesthouse ‘Mazsālijas’.

Latvian deer
Up Close deer from Latvia

Latvian deer breeding has become more common in recent years and it is not abnormal to find guest houses that have deer on their lands. Tame, beautiful and curious, these creatures are a great refreshing change from cows and sheep!

Some of these deer I imagine are kept on the land for aesthetic reasons but it is likely that most of those that we saw at one time will end up on the plates of diners across Latvia possibly exported further afield.

These deer were being kept on land, which makes up part of the guest house ‘Mazsālijas‘ a really nice place to get away to if you are in the Kuldīga region.