“Black Winter” Beer Festival in Riga

Tomorrow, Saturday 26th January is, of course, Australia Day. For those Australians in Riga feeling like a surreal experience, you might be able to join the annual game of cricket in the snow. Vague information is provided at the Australian Chamber of Commerce website. For those not so fond of cricket, tomorrow will also see the very first “Black Winter” Beer Festival held in Central Riga.

Beer lovers rejoice, and come along to the “Ale House” at Lāčplēša ielā 12to spend an afternoon tasting some great dark winter beers from all over the world. There will be 6 beers from local breweries and a large number of international brews. In addition, 5 Latvian and Lithuanian homebrewers will be offering their creations.

The event starts at 1pm. Entry to the event costs 4 Ls, with a number of drinks already included. Tastings are 50 santimi for local beers and a lat for international brews. “Ale House” also serves some tasty beer snacks and hot food, and with tomorrow’s forecasted temperature of -7, it’s a great excuse to head inside and warm up, while tasting some great Latvian winter beers. It’s also a quite interesting way to celebrate Australia Day on the other side of the world!

More information can be found at melnaziema.lv. If you miss out on this event, but want to know more about Latvian beers, our ‘Beer and Balsam’ tour will give you a great introduction some of Latvia’s best brews.