Spring in Riga

It has been a long time since we posted on our blog folks and this is partly to do with us opening up our new office space. The ‘Riga Explorers Club’ on Riharda Vāgnera iela 14. Old Riga.

Bike Rent Riga

So now the sun is shining, people are walking the streets and it is time to start discovering the city again. This year we are offering Riga bicycle rental from our office. A new addition to our regular services and also we are making our space open for those who may wish to make presentations, exhibitions, discussions and so forth.

This year in Riga we are seeing a big focus on culture and food within the local promotions. 2014, Riga will be the capital of culture in the EU and so a lot of changes are taking place already. We will be keeping full updates on the progress of 2014 campaign so keep posted. Also this summer will be the Latvian Song and Dance Festival 2013. Read about it on the link to ‘Travel in Latvia’ a nice new addition to travel info in Latvia. http://travelinlatvia.lv/web/map/regions/whats-on-in-latvia/only-in-latvia/

Many friends keep asking, what do you do in your office? And to be honest I’m sure that they feel we are on bicycles or on foot leading groups around the city at all times! Well, sadly not, we do have some commitments with emails, websites and management of our generally chaotic business. At least now we have a space for the whole team to meet and develop some new ideas for the season.

So come along, pop in and pay us a visit or drop us a line we are here daily 10 am – 6 pm Riharda Vāgnera iela 14.