Riga Retro Tram

Want to go back to 1901 on a Riga Retro Tram? No need to use your time machine, just come to Riga and hop on the old tram from Riga’s Golden age.


Riga’s Tram history is directly linked with the cities growth. With Riga expanding beyond the old city walls and more people moving further away into previous agricultural lands, then being turned into city center, not everything was still within a walking distance, so city of Riga got it’s own first public transport route with it’s first horse tram in 1882.

It took Riga almost 20 years to have it’s first electricity powered trams, which looked almost the same as the Retro Tram now passing through Riga’s streets from May till September. Just one wagon with the original wooden seats, a sharply dressed tram driver and no doors provide a truly wonderful experience and a stylish option how to go and visit first garden city in the world – Mežaparks. Book the Riga Retro Tram with a guide through us!


Have fun and enjoy a tram ride through Riga!