Riga United Football Club

Football in Latvia is a growing sport – Riga United is playing their part to keep the sport developing.

Image property of Riga United.
Image property of Riga United.

Riga United is a fairly new team in Latvia’s second division, founded in April 2007, making its debut in May of 2007 in the Latvian amateur football league. By May 2013 Riga United had entered into the Latvian Second Division and from here their future in the Latvian football is set to be an interesting one indeed.

Founded and made up from an international mixture and local residents of Riga, Latvia, the team has also launched a Youth Academy in 2013 and is setting an example for the next generation

Many people ask us about watching football games in Riga, take the chance to see Riga United in action – Check out Riga United Football Club Webpage for game fixtures.